Bar Graph

1. Create Chart

Enter data

Type out the following data in your columns.  If you want to change any of the animals, just change the text (not the numbers). 

insert chart

Select the cells with data (not heading or empty rows)...

Then go up to the INSERT toolbar, and choose “Bar" type of graph and then "3-D Column”.

Move chart

Use the Move Chart button on the toolbar...

Then choose "New Sheet" and type in "Animals".

It should now be in its own sheet. Use the slider on the bottom right to zoom out a bit (~80%) so you can see your whole chart.

2. Chart title

  1. Click in the chart title box, select all (CTRL+A) and change the text to "Animals".
  2. [Enter] and type your first and last name on the next line.
  3. Select just "Animals" and change the font type to a thicker type.
  4. Pump up the size to about 40-60.

Go to the FORMAT tab and give it a style. So you should have something like this so far...

3. Pictures

Find & copy first picture

First open a new browser tab and find a picture for the first animal. 

Once you've found a picture you like, right-click on the thumbnail (this doesn't need to be a huge/big picture) and "Copy".

Paste in Picture

In Excel, click on your chart, then click again, just on the first column. 

Paste the picture in it by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V. It will be stretched as you see below...

Stack & Scale

  1. Double-click on the column in your chart (or right-click and choose Format Data Point). 
  2. A panel will open on the right. Click on the paint bucket... then Fill ... 
  3. Click on the Stack and Scale radio button... it should be set to "1" picture per unit.

More pictures

Paste in other pictures and stack and scale them.

4. Data labels

Click on one of the data labels at the bottom - then change the font for all of them to font type "Bookman Old Style", size 12.

Click on the numbers on the left side once. Pump up the font size to "12"; then change to the same  font type as the bottom labels. You'll see "Bookman Old Style" near the top of the font list under "Recently used fonts"...

You are now done. Your chart should look like this...


FYI: these demos are slightly different than the assignment instructions - use these only as a demo, to see how it's done, but use the instructions above to do the assignment step-by-step properly.

Enter data

Create chart

Move chart

Data labels

Chart title

First picture pasted