Slide Master

Go into Slide Master View

Go to the VIEW toolbar and click on Slide Master...

This opens the templates for the slides. Your slides are still there, don’t worry 

Master Layout

Scroll up on the side ... you want to select the very top layout thumbnail on the left, the one with "1" beside it...

Headings: Font type & size

On the slide, select the title text  ...

...or just click on the text box outline

Go to the Home tab...

Change the font type to one of the following fonts and pump up the size to '60'. You can do this with the pop-up box or use the HOME tab.

Headings: Style

With the heading text still selected, go to the FORMAT tab and add a style under Quick Styles. You can also change the fill/outline/effects to make it stand out more, make it more unique

What you'll notice is the headings for all the slide layouts are now that font type and style...

text box: narrower

Go to the 3rd slide layout...

Push the side handle/circle so the box is only about ½ the width of the slide

Text box: font size

Go back to the top master layout again...

Select the text box (or select all the text inside the box), set the font size to “24” (using drop-down menu)

Text box: align text to the top

With the text box still selected, go to the HOME tab and set the text to align to the top of the box

Do you see the text on the 3rd layout also go to the top? If not, go the 3rd slide and repeat the previous step.. select text box and align to the top of the box

Title Layout

title box

Select the Title Layout on the left...

Select the title box, or all the text inside it and

  • pump up the font size to ‘96’ and
  • center it.

subtitle box

Click on the border of the subtitle box, or select the text inside it and

  • pump up the font size to ‘36’
  • also center it.

Comparison Layout

Select the comparison slide layout on the left...

subheading boxes

Select both subtitle boxes:

  1. click in the subtitle box on the left
  2. hold SHIFT and
  3. click on subtitle box on the right.

Go to the HOME toolbar and make it

  • Bold
  • align left
  • Color (choose a color that stands out), and
  • size: 32

Back to Normal view

To go back to your slides, click on the Normal View button (on the bottom right of your window)...

... or you can go back to the Slide Master tab and "Close Slide Master View...