1. Page Layout


Go to the LAYOUT toolbar and set page Orientation to "Landscape".

Change your view size to 70-80% using the Zoom slider at the bottom of your window.

Page Border

Then go to the DESIGN tab, and then click on Page Borders.

Then choose any page border you like, an "Art" style. 

When you see the border in the Preview area, click on [OK].

So far have something like this...

Awarded to

Type text

At the top of the page, 

  1. type out what your award is for, "_____of the Month/Year" or "Best ___"
    ie. "Student of the Month" or "Best Dancer Ever" or "Youtuber of the Year" 
  2. Enter to the next line,
  3. Type out "Awarded to".

Font type & size

Select the text and make it all font type 'Broadway',  size '48'. 
Your award type should fit on one line - if it doesn't, change/reduce the words so it fits!

Select just the second line "Awarded to" and pump the font size down to '28'...

With all text still selected, go to the Text Effects button. Choose any style you like...

So you have something like this...


With all the text selected, center it...

So far you have something like this...

3. Name

Go to INSERT> Text Box... and at the very bottom, choose "Draw Text Box". 

  1. Click and drag out a box. 
  2. Type the full name in the box of whoever you want to give this award to (yourself, a friend, a famous person). 
  3. Change the font type to "Edwardian Script"
  4. Set the font size to "36".

Adjust the size of the box so it's not bigger than needed, so only the text fits.

Drag the box and align it to the middle of the page horizontally and vertically.

Then set the Outline to none. Right-click on the border of the box... choose Outline>No Outline.

If you click off your text box, you'll have something like this...

4. Presented by

  1. Insert a new text box.
  2. Type out "Presented by" and [Enter]
  3. Type out who the award is presented by and [Enter]
  4. Type out today's date (ie October 16, 2018).

Select the text in the box and make it font type "Bookman Old Style". Increase the font size to "16".

With everything still selected, make it centered.

Adjust the box height/size so it's just big enough to fit the text vertically, not extra at the bottom.

Then click and drag the box so it's centered on the page and at the bottom.

Get rid of the box outline. Right-click on the border of the box ... go to Outline>No Outline...

When you click off the box you should have something like this now...

5. Line

Insert Line

Go to INSERT>Shapes... Select the Line shape. 

Draw a horizontal line. Hold SHIFT while dragging it out underneath your name. It should be a bit wider than your name. 


With the line still selected, go to the FORMAT tab and Shape Styles - click on the drop-down menu...

Set the shape Style to black, the thickest option...


Move it so it's close the the bottom of the name. Also align it so it's in the center of the page. move it so it's close the the bottom of the name. Also align it so it's in the center of the page.

6. Star shape

Insert one of the 2 highlighted star shapes. 

It should be in the empty space to the left of your name. Draw it out so it's about this size...

Shape Style

Go to the FORMAT tab ... go to the Shape Style  options...

Set it to one of the gradients...

Add text

Right-click on the shape and "Add Text"...

  1. Type out "You're the best!"
  2. Select the text inside and change the font type to "Segoe Script" and size "22".

So you now have something like this...

7. Clip art

Make sure nothing is selected. Then go to INSERT>Online Pictures... 

Search for whatever you like, but you need to find cartoon type of pictures, not photos - uncheck "creative commons" and set the Filter to "clip art".

Choose a picture and Insert

Don't worry if stuff has moved to another page. Size it down a bit if needed. Then add text wrapping "In Front of Text"...

Move it into an empty position at the bottom of the page....

Get another cartoon picture: make sure nothing is selected, go to INSERT>Online Pictures... and find another clip art type of picture. Add wrapping "In Front of Text"; move and resize it also to the bottom area...