Open the starting file from your Z: folder.

Zoom out to 70% so you can see the whole page.

Petal Pushers Flower Shop

Select the page heading "Petal Pushers Flower Shop" and pump up the font size to 26

Change the font type to Curlz


Select the address line and change font type to Courier New,  pump up the font size to 16

Today's date

Click on the empty line after the address and start typing today's month.

As you type (usually after the first 4 letters) a tool tip will pop up. [Enter] to have it automatically fill in the rest of the month.

Hit the [Space Bar] and another tool tip will pop up with today's date., just [Enter] to have it added automatically.

So your date should be like this...

Your Name

Click on the last empty line after "Sincerely" (not on the same line!).

Type out your first and last name and select it...

Select it and change the font type to Freestyle Script or French Script

Pump up the font size to 28.

Font styles

For the following styles (Bold, Italics, Underline and Color), you can use the Home tab or keyboard shortcuts...

In the middle paragraph, select the phrase "freshest... plants"... then make it bold (CTRL+B) and give it a color (not red).

In the same paragraph, double-click on the word "customize" to select it, CTRL+U to underline it. 

In the last paragraph, select the phrase "please...call me" and make it italicized (CTRL+I).

So far we have this...


Top 2 lines centered

Select a bit of the top 2 lines ...

...and align center.

Date to the right

Click anywhere on the line with the date and align "right".

Paragraph spacing

  1. Select all your text (CTRL+A) and open the Paragraph box...
  2. set paragraph spacing to 0pt before, and 18pt after 
  3. set line spacing to 1.5.

When you click OK, it should look like this...

Top 2 lines closer together

We want top 2 lines to be closer together. Select the page heading and open the Paragraph dialog box...

In the box that opens up, go to the bottom Spacing section and reduce spacing after to only 6 pt; set line spacing to Single.


Click before "Petal" on the first line and go to the INSERT tab... choose Online Pictures.

  1. Search for "flower" and [Enter]
  2. Uncheck the box for Creative commons only
  3. Filter by Clipart

Select a picture and Insert.

At first when the picture is inserted, it might be really big like this...

Resize it (from the corner), down to something like this...


Click anywhere on the address line. In the HOME tab, click on the Borders button to apply a bottom border. 

Then use the drop-down menu for Borders and choose the last one... Borders and Shading ... 

In the dialog box that opens up, do the following:

  1. Choose a Style
  2. Set the Color
  3. Change the Width (optional)
  4. Click on the line in the Preview window. You must see it here or nothing will change on your page!
  5. Then close the dialog box with OK.

Say OK and now you have something like this...

You're done. Save and get it checked...