add text

Start with a new Word document.

Type out the name of the animal you would like to do from the following choices:

  • dogs (or puppies)
  • cats (or kittens)
  • horses
  • hedgehogs

[Enter] to the next line.

  1. Click and drag to select the text on the right.
  2. Copy the text by right-clicking or CTRL+C.
  3. In your Word document, on the empty line, paste it (CTRL+V). 
  4. On the last empty line, type "Anatomy"
  5. [Enter] 3x.

Pets are wonderful to have and can be great company. Some people like to more than one pet as they can be so wonderful.

All pets require feeding and looking after. Some animals don't require much care, like cats, while others require regular exercise such as dogs and horses.

Some pets don't need much to eat and are not expensive to buy. Horses are quite expensive to buy, and you need to pay a lot for boarding and food.

  1. Select all your text (CTRL+A).
  2. Get rid of the formatting from the webpage; use the Clear Formatting button. 

Default font

With the text still selected:

  • set the font type to Tahoma
  • pump up the size to 14


  • Click off so not everything is selected anymore. 
  • Move your mouse to the left margin until it becomes a white tilted arrow and click (and hold)...
  • drag it down to select the text up to but not including "Anatomy"

Now click on the Bullets button on the Home tab to make them bullets...


Make "Anatomy" bold using the tool button or keyboard shortcut (CTRL+B).

format page heading

Select the page heading at the top of your page (double-click in the middle of the word) and change the font type to Goudy Stout, pump up the size to 36

Now give it a style...

Make it centered on the page...

paragraph spacing

Select everything (CTRL+A), then go to Paragraph options...

In the "Spacing" section, set the spacing before & after to 12 pt, set line spacing to Single, and make sure the box is unchecked (and not shaded) for "Don't add space..."

When you say OK, it should look like this...

Click off so nothing is selected. Click on the last empty line.


Side photo

  1. Right-click on the photo for your animal below and Copy Image.
  2. In Word, paste the picture (CTRL+V).

  1. Add Text Wrapping - "Square". 
  2. Move it up to the right of the bulleted list, not too far in the margin, lined up with the top of the first bullet. You should see the green guidelines.

Bottom photo

Click on the last empty line.

Copy one of the photos below and paste it into your document.

Center it using the center alignment button on the Home tab - not text wrapping!

If you add wrapping, you'll see an anchor - to fix it, you'll have to set it back to the default/top one "in line with text".


Insert a text box

From the INSERT toolbar, go to Text Box...

Choose the bottom option Draw Text Box

Your cursor now looks like a "+". Click and drag out a small text box...

Then click in the box and type out a part, ie "ears".


Select the text inside the box and change the font type to "Tahoma" and pump up the size to "14". Also change the box size so it fits but not lots extra (click and drag in a circle/square at the edge of the box).

Text Box: no outline

  1. Select the box (click in the box, then click on the border of the box to select it). 
  2. Then right-click or go to the Format toolbar, and set Shape Outline to none.

More labels

You want to label 3 more parts of the animal with text boxes. Position boxes to the left/right and above the photo. Try to space them out nicely. Position them so they're below the Anatomy heading.

  1. Repeat the above procedure:
  2. Insert/draw text box.
  3. Type text inside.
  4. Select text inside - change font type to "Tahoma" and pump up size to "14".
  5. Right-click on the border of the box and change Outline to "no outline".
  6. Move the box into position.


Now add arrows pointing to the parts. Go to the INSERT toolbar, click on the arrow tool under Shapes

Click and drag out one arrow - from one of the labels towards the part it's labelling. If you click off you will see a basic thin blue arrow.

  1. Click on the arrow shape, then right-click on it and go to Outline...
  2. Choose a Color
  3. Change the Weight to a thicker amount
  1. Then select the arrow and copy (CTRL+C).
  2. Paste it a few times for the other labels (CTRL+V).
  3. Move/rotate the arrows into place.